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We LOVE Eye Care because We LOVE People



  1. Eye Care: providing no-cost eye care and eyewear to people in need and establishing sustainable free-standing community clinics
  2. Give Back: providing new and recycled eyewear to people locally and around the world
  3. Outreach: giving back to the local community through acts of kindness, support and encouragement to those who support LOVE Eye Care


The LOVE Eye Care Program is a mission to show simple, intentional acts of kindness to the people living in our local community. It is an effort by eye care professionals to have a real and sustainable impact outside their practice walls. LOVE Eye Care is rooted in the belief that a person’s vision and eye health are fundamental to their overall quality of life. Many individuals in our community cannot afford quality eye care, or they have barriers to receiving care. LOVE Eye Care was created to bridge that gap to allow everyone a chance at better vision! The handful of LOVE Programs tied to LOVE Eye Care were created to help extend the gift of vision around the world, and to support the community and people who allow LOVE Eye Care to exist.



Dr. Will creates ‘Eye Love Guatemala’ as a one-for-one sharing program donating a frame for every pair purchased from his practice to a partner clinic in rural Guatemala

‘Eye Love Haiti’ is created to recycle gently used eyewear for the people of Haiti

The ‘Eye Love Program’ is created at Blount County Eye Center to provide no-cost care to people in need

LOVE Eye Care established as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

Grand Opening of the first LOVE Eye Care Clinic in Blount County, TN!!







Dr. Will Tantum

  • Founder and CEO of LOVE Eye Care
  • CEO of Blount County Eye Center
  • Optometric Physician


Dr. Will has led LOVE Eye Care since founding it in 2014. While still a student in optometry school, Dr. Will decided that, for him, practicing eye care needed to extend outside of his clinic walls. He started ‘Eye Love Guatemala’ in 2014. This program donated a brand new eyeglasses frame to a partner clinic in rural Guatemala each time that someone purchased a frame from his practice in Maryville, TN. From there, new opportunities to serve started showing up, and Dr. Will continued to add programs such as ‘Eye Love Haiti’, ‘Eye Love First Responders’ and ‘The Eye Love Program’ within his practice. In 2018, Dr. Will started LOVE Eye Care as a new non-profit with the goal to create a sustainable eye care model that could one day help impact communities around the country! Dr. Will serves as the Practice Director and CEO of Blount County Eye Center in Maryville, TN, which has emerged as one of the top eye care practices in the country.

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